20 Facts About Me

11:21 PM

hey everyone! to kickstart this new blog i'm going to share with you 50 facts about me.

  1. i am a pisces, and my birthday is march 6th.
  2. i was born in washington state but moved to arizona when I was 2.
  3. i love documentaries, my favorite being cosmos and disneynature oceans. 10/10 would recommend!!
  4. i almost always drink my water with either cucumber or lime.
  5. my music taste is extremely diverse--it ranges from bubblegum pop to trap to sad and slow. in other words, i pretty much like everything.
  6. i am 14 years old.
  7. i am horrible, horrible at algebra.
  8. social studies/history is my favorite subject.
  9. my favorite color is black.
  10. my favorite pixar movie is finding nemo.
  11. surprise! my favorite animal is a fish. there isn't a specific fish i like most, i love them all in general. my second favorite animal are orcas and my third favorite are manta rays. i'm pretty sure that my love for sea creatures has to do with me being a pisces.
  12. i get really impatient when watching movies but yet i love to read books.
  13. i would love to visit hawaii, france, and cambodia (where my mother was born).
  14. i'm really interested in architecture, especially baroque style.
  15. my favorite shows are friends, gossip girl, and the office.
  16. i don't have any dogs, but if i could i would want to have a golden retriever, a shiba inu, a german shephard, or a chow chow.
  17. i love the scent of lavender.
  18. i'm very sensitive and empathetic, so if if you're crying, there's a 200% chance i'll probably cry, too.
  19. i can't eat pizza unless i sprinkle peppers on it.
  20. rachel green from friends is my style icon.
aaand those are all of my 20 facts. if you and i share something in common, comment below so we can be friends! hope you enjoyed this post, and be prepared for many new posts soon. :)

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